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canada immigration

Details About Canada Business Visa


Foreign nationals can visit Canada for a limited time to conduct business with Canadian companies holding a permit under the Business Visitor category. The successful applicants would be able to explore business prospects, engage with Canadian business counterparts, and attend trade shows. This permit, however, does not allow applicants to work in Canada.

  • 1. Visit Canada for the purpose of business
  • 2. Attend trade shows and conferences
  • 3. Meet prospective clients and take new orders
  • 4. Attend training from your company in Canada
  • 5. Stay for up to 6 months in Canada.
  • 1. You must have a legitimate and good reason for visiting the country.
  • 2. You must have enough money to support yourself and any dependents during your stay.
  • 3. You must have close links to your home country in order to return after your stay.
  • 4. You must be of good character and have a clear criminal record. For this, you may be required to have a PCC (Police Clearance Certificate).
  • 5. You must at least meet the authorities’ minimum health standards.
  • 6. You must have a valid invitation from a legitimate company in the country where you are/will be doing business.

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