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Move to Canada with YCP Program

canada immigration

Details About Canada YCP Program

The Yukon Community Pilot program is an immigration program launched by Canada’s northern territory of the Yukon and part of Yukon PNP.

The Yukon Community Pilot Program is created to address the economic and labour market needs of the Yukon.  Under this program, the applicant will get 2 years of work permit and later apply for Canada permanent resident visa. This program was launched by the Government of Yukon in January 2020 and will be open for 3 years until June 2023. An applicant who applies Yukon community pilot program can work for 2 to 3 employers in participating community of Yukon listed below.

Benefits of Yukon Community Pilot Program:

Yukon Community Pilot Program is proffering many benefits to the immigrants:

  • 1. No Educational requirements
  • 2. No Language requirements (IELTS Not required)
  • 3. The job offer does not need LMIA approval (LMIA exemptional subsection R205a )
  • 4. A spouse can apply for an open work permit in Canada if the primary applicant receives a job offer under NOC Skill level O, A, or B.
  • 5. Proof of funds not required.
  • 6. The applicant will be eligible to get a Canadian Permanent Residence.
  • 7. Job offer can be multiple part-time jobs from 3 different employers.
  • 8. YCP work permit will be valid for 2 years.
Documents required for the Yukon Community Pilot Program
  • The immigrant should submit a copy of the nomination letter given by the government of Yukon, confirming that they have been nominated for permanent residence.
  • They should also submit a signed letter of support from the government of Yukon Stating that the employers who offer the job wish you to work in the community. It should also state that the job offers issued by the employer are valid and should also list the details of the job offer, which include the name of the employer, number of hours, job location, etc.

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